Decrease the arms of Fat and Thais, then do these 5 exercises

Fat in the body is often stored in the stomach, thighs, arms and hips, due to which parts of body appear thick and thawy. Especially damaged in the arms and hips in the hips seems very bad. Due to this fat, there are problems in walking or doing some work. Many times people start using various types of surgery, medicines, or creams to remove this fat, which can prove to be very harmful for the health. But without the support of all these things, only with the help of some exercises can remove the weight of the legs and thighs.

1. Bhujangasan

Lay down the force of the stomach and place both sides on the ground next to the shoulders. While breathing, slowly lift your chest upwards. In this situation the load of the body will be on the arms. Stretch your body while taking load on the arms. It causes strain of the stomach muscles to help reduce stomach fat . It also strengthens the arms and tones them down by reducing the hanging fat below it.


Stand straight by keeping a little gap between the two legs. Spread your hands on the opposite side of the shoulder to the front. Taking long deep breaths, turn your knees in such a way that the condition of the body will be made in such a way that you are sitting on a hypothetical chair. Then slowly return to the normal condition while leaving the breath. Make this posture 8-10 times. By making this posture daily, the fat and hips of the thighs are reduced and they come in the shape.

3. Push-ups

It is the best exercise to reduce the fat of the arms. It works not only on the arms but also the upper body. With its regular practice, the chest and side are fine and strong, as well as strengthen the body's muscles.

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4.Eir Bhadrasan

This seat lowers the fat of the hips and thighs. Doing this strengthens foot muscles. Also tone the arms too. To do this, stand two feet by keeping it at a distance of 3 to 4 feet. Turn your knees down and bend your left foot towards the left. After that, do the same practice on the right side.

Surya Namaskar is the exercise of the whole body. Doing this strengthens muscles of the arms. At the same time they are also tone after their excess fat is over. Practicing it also reduces fat and back fat and strengthens the legs muscles. By continuous cycles of Surya Namaska, the body is strengthened and energy is circulated in it.